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Model: AM03116
Input Power: AC90V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz.

Consuming Power:<25 Watts

Viewing Distance:>165 Feet

Lamp:Indoor 5Round LED/Outdoor Party LED

Brightness:Indoor 800mcd/Outdoor 1200mcd

Time Accuracy: Within 0.5 sec per day

Dimension: 23.6"(W)x15.6"(H)x 10.2"(D)
Weight: Indoor 11.14Lbs(5.01Kg) Outdoor14.33Lbs(6.44Kg)
Casing:plastic frame with black finish coat
Accessory:Data Cable, User manual, Power adapter
Oparating:Back Side Control ,Remote contool
Optional Accessory:Stand
User friendly, plug & play, easy to use.
Indoor/Outdoor brightness control function
Upper Numbers: 4.72 Inches(H),
  Lower numbers: 3.15 Inches(H)
Clock & Alarm
Provide timing for various sports
Indoor Shot clock control function.This device can work with model AM04167
  shot clock. It can control the shot clock by RF wireless or data cable.Wireless
  modular is sold separately for wireless operation
Hand-held wireless remote control(max range of 100 Feet)
Internal rechargeable battery
Compact design

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