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ISO9001-Amplus has been awarded with ISO9001 accreditation. The key to Amplus's success is reliabilty coupled with the highest quality of design, service and product with total commitment to every customer.
Segment timer is design for both training and practice, it can also be used for
track,basketball and football
Model: AM07225
Segments and breaks may be programmed for a different length of time
Large fonts display; segment display: 7" height red color, timer display:
  12" height amber color
Viewing distance: within 300 feet
Ultra high brightness for outdoor
Outdoor and water proof design
Rugged construction, built in handles and reliable solid electronics
Automatic brightness adjustment
Automatic battery charging function
5 hours operate after fully charged
Low battery indication
Dimension: W33' X H18" X D4.5"
Weight: 26.5lbs
Input power: AC90V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Consuming power: <60 watts
Viewing distance: <33 feet
Time accuracy: within 0.5 sec per day

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